High-End Residential Construction


ENGAGE with our clients.

EXECUTE in a safe & professional manner.

EXCEED our clients' expectations.

The Prowire Electrical team believe in creating a partnership with our clients, project managers, architects, and builders to deliver well thought out construction electrical plans that not only achieve the power and lighting goals of your build, but also compliment the design of your new home or extension.

From design to implementation, the experienced team at Prowire Electrical provide the expertise and innovative solutions needed to ensure your electrical project is completed within the critical time schedules and budgets set, while also adhering to only the highest standard of work for any construction project.

Our dedicated team of experts also have the necessary people skills to conduct a client walk-through, discuss with your client's any requirements while also ensuring any client requests or concerns are noted and adhered to.

Our extensive network of contacts and suppliers within the construction industry means we can provide the most up to date solutions and products for your home that are both energy efficient and cost efficient.

We are proud to acknowledge that a large quantity of our work is from repeat clients and builders who have sought us out time and time again for our unequivocal commitment to quality, timeliness, and cost-efficiency.

The team at Prowire Electrical is committed to approaching each individual construction project with a collaborative approach, ensuring our communication and commitment to the client is always of the highest standard. In every construction project we undertake, we make it our mission to deliver above and beyond expectations in both our workmanship and our professional conduct.

Our Range of Services & Added Value 

  • All General Electrical Services for New & Existing Homes
  • Queenslander' Lift & Build
  • Lighting Consultation & Design
  • Data, WIFI, Communications & MATV
  • Smart/Automation Home Systems
  • Integrated Security, Intercoms and CCTV
  • Switchboard Upgrades
  • Air-Conditioning
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • Comprehensive Client Walkthroughs
  • Home Discovery Session at Handover

We Deliver on Our Promises

Our commitment to you is that we will be punctual, cost-effective, accountable and reliable in everything that we do, from your initial phone call to project completion and after-project service.


Relationship & Partnership Driven.

Client Focused

Highly focused on Client Experience.

Electrical Coverage

All Electrical, Data, TV & all other Electrical Components.

Project Design

Designed Unique for each Project.

Client Walkthroughs

Pre Rough-in Client Walkthroughs.

Home Discovery

Client Home Discovery Session at Handover.

In-House Changes 

In-House Electrical Plan Markup & Changes.

Flexible & Adaptable 

Our Team is adaptable to any changes that may arise.


We have the experience, resources and technical capabilities to deliver superior service and outstanding results. Give Prowire Electrical a call today to discuss your next project and discover how we can help you achieve the best possible outcomes.

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